At Morton Lemkau Moving and Storage you can always expect the highest standards of quality and care with all of our moving and moving services. We move households and business enterprises throughout the tristate area, and from Maine to North Carolina. When we relocate our customers long distance and out of state, it is only their furnishings and belongings in our moving trucks and vans. We move one customer in our trucks at a time, and we do so with very specific timelines for load ups and deliveries. 

We believe that 70 years of experience has made us the leader in the moving industry. Our strategy has always been consistent and fair. Always being honest and up front with every customer has been the key to our longevity.

Free on site Estimates:

  • Our Moving Services Start Out With A Free Estimate At The Location of The Move
  • This includes All Items Being Moved & All The Total Costs of The Service. Our Estimates Are Monitored & Checked For Accuracy
  • Local Moves Are Based On An Hourly Rate & Are Dependent On The Number of Men & Trucks Used
  • Long Distance Moves Are Based On A Weight & Distance Tariff

In addition to general moving services, Lemkau Moving offers:

  • Commercial Grade Moving Boxes
  • Full or Partial Household Boxing and Packing
  • Special Crating of Unique Household Items
  • Multiple Pickup Locations & Delivery Destinations
  • Expert Piano Moves
  • Special Wrapping & Preparation For Storage

We specialize in:

  • Local & Long Distance Moving Services
  • Expert Packing & Crating Service
  • Expert Piano Movers
  • Commercial Moving
  • Residential Moving
  • Furniture Delivery Service
  • Packing & Crating Material
  • Fast Professional Moving
  • Delicate Items Handled With Extreme Care.

Tips from the Top

At Morton J. Lemkau Moving and Storage we offer a wide array of moving services, which includes the packing of your household goods prior to your primary moving date. Lemkau Moving also provides customers with unpacking services if Lemkau does the initial packing, with our packing materials and supplies. In addition, Lemkau Movers also provides pre wrapping and preparation services, which includes, but is not limited to disassembling large pieces of furniture and preparing them for the actual date of the move. All of these services can help save time and money, but also help ensure that on the day of your move, everything is simply ready to go.

The real key to a successful and a less stressful move is the proper preparation, and that’s why this document was created. This is for those that are preparing themselves. Proper preparation will not only help ensure one’s peace of mind on the day of their move, but it will help the movers deliver speedy, and the most efficient services. We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and give you the very best input and direction we can to assist you in your preparation. You may reach us at 516-333-1340.

For Consideration and Friendly Reminders:

  • Be prepared for your move. Have all items ready to go on the day of the move.
  • Everything must be boxed and properly taped shut (including computers, lamps and pictures). Open boxes and open bags will not be moved.
  • The Movers will not take flammable liquids or gases (e.g propane tanks, gas cans, spray cans, etc). In addition, open containers such as paint will not be moved.
  • The Movers may disassemble items (e.g furniture, beds, shelves, etc.), and will reassemble the items they took apart; however, the Movers are not responsible for disconnecting or connecting electric, plumbing, etc, and the Movers will not make any holes in walls or attach items to any structure or fixture in one’s house or apartment.
  • Payment for the services rendered is due at the time the job is complete. The driver or lead person on the job will review your bill with you. Please pay by check or cash. No Credit Cards Are Accepted.
  • The Movers always appreciate a gratuity for providing exceptional service. If you choose to do so, the appropriate amount is of course up to you; however, 10% – 20% is the average based on the overall size and cost of the job.
  • Currently, Morton J. Lemkau Moving and Storage accepts payment via check or cash at the end of the job.